Today I was taught to use a program call dreamweaver. Mr. Tom shows me the advantage of this program, that is coding. In this case, I was taught to create an anchors and links on the same page. I could use wordpress to do the same thing, but I don’t know the code, so dreamweaver is the better choice to work with. In dreamweaver, I created a 2 column, one row table. The left side I typed “Colors” and “Costumes” on seperate lines. In the right side, I typed “Theme” and “Traditions”. Once I finish with the columns and row, my next step is creating anchors and links. I created 4 sections below my table; Colors, Customes, Themes, and Traditions. Lastly, add anchors beside each section, finish creating links!


Finding The Songs

Today I spent my time doing the music part, finding the songs that would suit the party. The songs that I’d chosen are all USA songs. I have to find a total of 10 songs, 5 contemporary songs, and 5 traditional songs. I already have 5 contemporary songs done, the traditional part would be my homework for today. The songs I’m choosing should fit the environment of the party that is, it should a style of music that entertain people, make people feel energize. The song I’d chose can be embed from youtube, the way to embed the video is to go to youtube; search for the video you like, click share below the video, there’ll be the “Embed” button, click on it and copy the code that they gives us.

Inserting Images

Today Mr. Tom show us how to properly insert image into the blog. I only need the link of the image to post it in my blog. So the ways to insert image can be done by two different ways; from computer and from URL. Mr. Tom suggest us to insert the image from URL because it’s easier and faster than downloading the picture to our computer and insert picture. The picture can be align into three position; left, right and center. I put some of the sample pictures of the food that I’m going to create in the recipe category so those who enter my blog knows what food I am creating.

Recipe Section

Today I spent my time researching the information about the recipes of the food I had chosen to make, and mentioned any modification I might make to an original food. This is because I knew I don’t have enough potential to make one that look and taste like the original one. After finishing the recipe section, I need to show list of sources that I used to find these information.

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